2022’s Annual Upper School Mini-Conference

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that we do an annual conference in the Upper School at Woodward Academy each year. It’s one of my favorite things to plan and host with our Innovation Team. There is nothing more powerful, in my opinion, than personalized professional learning options led by theContinue reading “2022’s Annual Upper School Mini-Conference”

Pandemic Ponderings

Well, as I type this, we are STILL facing the COVID-19 global pandemic. I’ll be honest, I said to myself back in March when this all began that by June or July, this would be a thing of the past. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve had the chance to read and reflect during this time,Continue reading “Pandemic Ponderings”

Engaging Students From The Start

Buzz words and fads in education come and go through the years. There are few that remain constant overtime and one of those is engagement. It’s the focus of numerous books, articles, workshops, and initiatives in our ever demanding quest for real-world learning opportunities in schools. *I’ll go ahead and put a disclaimer out here for thisContinue reading “Engaging Students From The Start”


I’ve been leading a series of lunch & learns for faculty in the Upper School at Woodward Academy, and this is by far a favorite part of my job. My recent session, Tech Tools To Enhance Creativity & Elevate Engagement, featured an old favorite that I’ve started using again. Infogram is a FREE, online infographicContinue reading “Infogram”

Finish Strong

Finish Strong.  It seems out of place to utter these words as we are beginning a new year.  After all, this is the time for new resolutions and goals. This is, however, also the time that many educators across the country dread.  It’s back to school after a fabulous couple of weeks away from grading, lesson plans, and countlessContinue reading “Finish Strong”