2022’s Annual Upper School Mini-Conference

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that we do an annual conference in the Upper School at Woodward Academy each year. It’s one of my favorite things to plan and host with our Innovation Team. There is nothing more powerful, in my opinion, than personalized professional learning options led by theContinue reading “2022’s Annual Upper School Mini-Conference”

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Too often, we sit through professional development workshops that are not aligned to our interests or designed to actually meet the needs of OUR students. I’m not talking about the workshops that are required by law or the district. I get it, those have to have happen. I’m talking about the professional development workshops andContinue reading “Teachers Teaching Teachers”

Innovation Team + Design Thinking

Each school at Woodward Academy has an Innovation Team, and I’m excited to lead the Upper School’s team this year.  Last year, the team led the design and implementation of a conference among the Upper School faculty during a late start school day.  Various faculty members presented on topics of expertise, and you chose whichContinue reading “Innovation Team + Design Thinking”

Improving PD: A Glimpse Into The Atlanta K12 Design Challenge

Recently, I was interviewed on behalf of The Teachers Guild regarding my experiences and involvement with the Atlanta K12 Design Challenge.   The Teachers Guild is an online forum for educators all over the world to collaborate and utilize the Design Thinking process to tackle challenges in education.  My interview was related to a challenge regardingContinue reading “Improving PD: A Glimpse Into The Atlanta K12 Design Challenge”

What If?

Do you ever ask “what if?” questions?  Some people don’t like questions that begin this way.  They are uncomfortable with uncertainty.  They don’t like to imagine what could be, because let’s face it, it might not ever really be.  Ambiguity is scary for some.  It’s dangerous for others.  For me, asking “what if?” questions areContinue reading “What If?”