2022’s Annual Upper School Mini-Conference

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that we do an annual conference in the Upper School at Woodward Academy each year. It’s one of my favorite things to plan and host with our Innovation Team. There is nothing more powerful, in my opinion, than personalized professional learning options led by theContinue reading “2022’s Annual Upper School Mini-Conference”

Using art to build community

It’s important now, more than ever, that we determine ways to gather in community in our schools. Our teachers need it and our leaders need it. Mental health and stress levels have been challenged significantly these past few years, and never has it been more evident that we need to fellowship in community in orderContinue reading “Using art to build community”

Pandemic Ponderings

Well, as I type this, we are STILL facing the COVID-19 global pandemic. I’ll be honest, I said to myself back in March when this all began that by June or July, this would be a thing of the past. Boy, was I wrong! I’ve had the chance to read and reflect during this time,Continue reading “Pandemic Ponderings”

Improving PD: A Glimpse Into The Atlanta K12 Design Challenge

Recently, I was interviewed on behalf of The Teachers Guild regarding my experiences and involvement with the Atlanta K12 Design Challenge.   The Teachers Guild is an online forum for educators all over the world to collaborate and utilize the Design Thinking process to tackle challenges in education.  My interview was related to a challenge regardingContinue reading “Improving PD: A Glimpse Into The Atlanta K12 Design Challenge”

Student-Driven Learning Stations

There is no doubt that instructional design is at the forefront of research and discussion concerning student achievement. Much of the research I studied in my graduate program at Columbia University continuously pointed to the quality of the teacher as being the single most important factor affecting student achievement.  The quality of the teacher is a specific focus point, yetContinue reading “Student-Driven Learning Stations”