About Alex

Alex  Bragg is the Upper School Teaching & Learning Specialist at Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is originally from Huntsville, Alabama and holds a B.S. from Auburn University, a M.A.T. from The University of West Alabama, and an Ed.M in Education Leadership from Columbia University.  Alex has taught high school in he Cobb County School District and middle school at a Blue Ribbon Award winning charter school in the Fulton County School District.  It was during this time that Alex developed a passion for creating charter schools as a transformational model for reimagining the educational experience for all learners.  Driven by her interest in innovation and design thinking in education, Alex joined the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School faculty in 2013 where she served as the Head of 8th Grade, the Middle School Design Thinking Coach for the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation, and 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher.  Her leadership at Mount Vernon included helping redesign the 7th and 8th grade social studies curriculum into thematic courses and leading the development of the Pioneer: The Journey of Civilization thematic course in 6th grade.  Her graduate studies at Columbia University and her work at Mount Vernon inspired her to rejoin the charter school movement and lead transformational change in public education from the ground up.

Most recently, Alex served as the founding Assistant Principal of a brand new charter school in the Fulton County School District founded on the tenets of innovation, problem-solving, and empowering students to be active change agents instead of recipients of knowledge. of Education Arne Duncan, and 19 fellow educators around the country to discuss education reform. She enjoys sharing her passions and reflections on her professional blog, and her article Moving from isolated teachers to connected R&D teams across multiple schools was recently published by Harvard University’s Transforming Teaching Project.  When Alex is not at school, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

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