What If?

Do you ever ask “what if?” questions?  Some people don’t like questions that begin this way.  They are uncomfortable with uncertainty.  They don’t like to imagine what could be, because let’s face it, it might not ever really be.  Ambiguity is scary for some.  It’s dangerous for others.  For me, asking “what if?” questions areContinue reading “What If?”

Batter Up! Tips To Keep You From Striking Out AT the Beginning Of The School Year

It’s here!  Dreams of seating charts, bells, lesson plans, bulletins boards, and pre-planning agendas have started creeping their way into your brain again!  The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time, but it can also go down as the most stressful time of your year.  Yes, you receive a new set ofContinue reading “Batter Up! Tips To Keep You From Striking Out AT the Beginning Of The School Year”

Observation + Reflection: Making Instructional Rounds Meaningful

Disclaimer: This post is long.  I got excited! At the beginning of this school year, each Middle School Head of Grade for Mount Vernon Presbyterian School identified areas of focus and goals for this school year.  A common theme with all of our answers was feedback.  We are all yearning for valuable feedback from ourContinue reading “Observation + Reflection: Making Instructional Rounds Meaningful”